Where Is Tuscarawas County In Ohio?

Tuscarawas County, well, what a mouthful! If you’ve never heard of it before, fear not, my friend. I’m here to enlighten you on the whereabouts of this Ohio gem. Sit back, relax, and let’s embark on a journey through the charming land of Tuscarawas County.

A Glimpse Into Tuscarawas County’s Location

Located in the eastern region of Ohio, Tuscarawas County is nestled amidst rolling hills and picturesque landscapes. It sits just south of Stark County and west of Holmes County, making it a prime destination for both nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

The Eastern Beauty Of Ohio

Ohio may not be the first state that comes to mind when thinking about breathtaking scenery, but trust me, this little slice of heaven will surely change your perception. With its lush greenery, vibrant flora, and meandering rivers such as the mighty Tuscarawas River itself – which winds its way gracefully through the county – there’s no shortage of natural beauty here.

Bustling Cities And Quaint Towns

In addition to an abundance of natural wonders, Tuscarawas County boasts an array of vibrant cities, each with its own distinct charm. From bustling New Philadelphia to historic Zoar Village, there are plenty of hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

“H2-Heading: Getting There Is Half The Fun”

By Road: Journey On The Highways

If road trips are your jam (and who doesn’t love a good road trip?), getting to Tuscarawas County by car is an excellent option. Interstate 77 cuts right through the heart of the county from north to south, providing easy access for travelers coming from neighboring states like Pennsylvania or West Virginia.

Fun Fact: Route 250 connects east-west travelers directly into the county, offering convenience and scenic views along the way.

By Air: Fly High Into Tuscarawas County

If you prefer air travel, you’re in luck! The Akron-Canton Airport is a mere 30 minutes away from Tuscarawas County, making it an accessible choice for those flying from various parts of the country. With major airlines providing services, reaching this charming destination has never been easier!

“Onward We Go: Attractions Worth Exploring”

There’s no shortage of attractions to explore in Tuscarawas County. Whether you enjoy delving into history or immersing yourself in nature’s wonders, there’s something here for everyone. So lace up your walking shoes – we’re about to embark on an adventure!

Historic Sites That Leave A Mark

Zoar Village: A Step Back In Time

Step foot into Zoar Village, and you’ll feel like you’ve just entered a time machine that takes you right back to the 19th century. With more than 40 buildings preserved since its founding by German separatists in 1817, this National Historic Landmark showcases the community’s rich history through interactive exhibits and living-history demonstrations.

Dennison Railroad Depot Museum

All aboard! History buffs will be thrilled with a visit to the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum, where they can relive the glory days of steam-powered locomotives. This beautifully restored train depot offers fascinating exhibits that shed light on the significance of rail transportation throughout Ohio’s past.

H3-Heading: Where Mother Nature Shows Off Her Best”

Trumpet In The Timbers Nature Preserve

For nature enthusiasts seeking solace amidst towering trees and serene sounds of rustling leaves, look no further than Trumpet In The Timbers Nature Preserve. Spanning over 86 acres with six miles of trails, this hidden gem is a must-visit for those who appreciate the great outdoors.

Tappan Lake Park

Escape to Tappan Lake Park, where outdoor adventure and relaxation blend seamlessly. Offering boating, fishing, and camping opportunities, this 2, 350-acre reservoir is perfect for a day of family fun or a weekend getaway with friends.

“Onwards You Go: Delving Into The Local Cuisine”

Exploring Tuscarawas County isn’t just about witnessing incredible sights; it’s also an invitation to indulge in exquisite cuisine that tickles your taste buds. Get ready for some mouthwatering dishes that are sure to leave you craving more!

Must-Try Culinary Delights

Ohio Swiss Cheese

Did you know that Ohio is renowned for its high-quality Swiss cheese? Take a trip to Bunker Hill Cheese Company, nestled amidst rolling hills in Millersburg, and delight in tasting their award-winning Swiss cheese. From mild and creamy to robustly aged varieties, your taste buds will thank you!

Amish Country Fare

With its significant Amish population, Tuscarawas County offers a unique opportunity to savor traditional Amish dishes prepared with love and care. Head on over to Der Dutchman Restaurant in Walnut Creek, where hearty comfort food like homemade breads, creamy mashed potatoes, and scrumptious pies awaits you.

“Be There Or Be Square: Annual Events That Shouldn’t Be Missed!”

H2-Heading: Lighten Your Calendar With Fun-Filled Events!

Tuscarawas County doesn’t just offer beautiful scenery and delicious food; it’s also host to various lively events throughout the year! Make sure these annual highlights take center stage on your calendar:

Dennison Railroad Festival – May

All aboard the festival train! Embrace Dennison’s rich railway history at this vibrant event filled with live entertainment, mouthwatering food stands, and thrilling carnival rides.

Ohio Swiss Festival – September

Indulge in everything Swiss at the Ohio Swiss Festival, where you can feast on cheese-inspired dishes, enjoy lively polka music, and even witness a traditional cheese auction. This cheesy celebration is not to be missed!

“Time To Pack Your Bags And Head To Tuscarawas County!”

H2-Heading: All Aboard The Tuscarawas County Train!

Now that you’ve learned all about the wonders of Tuscarawas County – its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and delicious local cuisine – it’s time to start planning your adventure. Whether you choose to explore the historic sites, savor local delicacies or immerse yourself in nature’s beauty, one thing is for certain: Tuscarawas County won’t disappoint.

So dust off your sense of adventure, pack those bags with hiking boots and an empty stomach (for all that tasty cheese), and get ready for an unforgettable experience in this hidden gem nestled within the heart of Ohio. Safe travels!

Q: Where is Tuscarawas County located in Ohio?

A: Tuscarawas County is located in the eastern part of the state of Ohio. It is situated in the Tuscarawas Valley, between Stark County to the west and Carroll County to the east.

Q: How can I reach Tuscarawas County in Ohio?

A: There are several ways to reach Tuscarawas County, Ohio. If you are traveling by car from surrounding areas, you can access it via Interstate 77 or State Route 39. The county also has an airport called Harry Clever Field, which serves private and chartered aircraft.

Q: What major cities are in Tuscarawas County?

A: The largest city within Tuscarawas County is New Philadelphia, which serves as its county seat. Additionally, Dover is another significant city located within the county.

Q: What attractions can I find in Tuscarawas County, Ohio?

A: Tuscarawas County boasts a range of attractions for visitors to enjoy. Some notable ones include:

  • Historic Schoenbrunn Village – A reconstructed 18th-century Moravian mission village.
  • Trumpet In The Land – An outdoor amphitheater offering historical dramas and entertainment.
  • Dennison Railroad Depot Museum – A museum highlighting local railroad history.
  • Warther Museum & Gardens – Showcasing intricate wood carvings and manicured gardens.
  • Atwood Lake Park – A scenic park with a lake for boating, fishing, camping, and hiking.

Q: Are there any colleges or universities in Tuscarawas County?

A: Yes! Kent State University at Tuscarawas is located here. It offers various undergraduate and associate degree programs for students seeking higher education opportunities within the county.

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