What’S The Weather Like In Seattle?


Seattle, the Emerald City of the Pacific Northwest, is renowned for many things – its coffee culture, vibrant arts scene, and stunning natural beauty. But there’s one thing that often takes center stage in conversations about this city: the weather. If you’re planning a trip or considering relocating to Seattle, it’s essential to be well-informed about what awaits you beyond those picturesque postcard views.

A Rainy Reputation

Seattle has long been associated with rain, earning itself a reputation as one of the rainiest cities in the United States. You’ve probably heard somebody joke that people from Seattle don’t tan; they rust! While it may seem like an exaggeration at times, the city does indeed receive a significant amount of rainfall compared to many other major metropolitan areas.

Understanding Seattle’s Climate

Many factors contribute to Seattle’s unique climate. Its proximity to the Pacific Ocean means moisture-laden air flows inland regularly. In addition, the Olympic Mountains shield the city from more extreme weather conditions, resulting in mild temperatures year-round.

Moderate Temperatures Year-Round

Seattle enjoys relatively moderate temperatures throughout the year due to its maritime climate. Summers are typically mild and dry, with average highs reaching around 75°F (24°C). Winters remain mild by northern standards, with average lows hovering around 36°F (2°C).

The Infamous Rainfall

Ah yes, let’s address that notorious rainfall once again! Seattle averages approximately 152 rainy days per year—far more than most cities across America. However, it’s important not to mistake these for torrential downpours day after day. The majority of these rainy days consist of light drizzle rather than heavy precipitation.

“In Seattle we live among rain-soaked hills and landslides.
An overpriced place where dreams can come true. ” – Marty Indik

Don’t let this rainfall data discourage you, though. The total annual precipitation is roughly 38 inches, which falls within the range of other major cities such as New York and Boston.

The Mythical “Gloom”

While it’s true that Seattle has more cloudy days than sunshine, arguably contributing to its reputation for gloomy weather, the city still experiences beautiful sunny days throughout the year. It may not be a constant state of sunshine, but when those rays break through the clouds, they illuminate everything around with breathtaking radiance.

Seasonal Shifts: What to Expect

Let’s delve into what each season brings in terms of weather and outdoor activities in Seattle!

Spring (March – May)

As spring awakens nature once again in Seattle, temperatures gradually rise from the mid-40s to the low 60s Fahrenheit (around 7-15°C). This season often features sporadic rain showers blended with glorious moments of sun peeking through. Spring is ideal for exploring blooming cherry blossoms at parks like University of Washington’s Quad or wandering through the vibrant Market district.

Summer (June – August)

Summer reigns supreme in Seattle! Locals make triumphant proclamations about their city being paradise during these months. Average high temperatures reach their peak at around 75°F (24°C), accompanied by longer daylight hours and minimal rainfall. Prepare yourself for shimmering lakeside strolls on Green Lake or bike rides along Alki Beach with epic views of Puget Sound and downtown Seattle!

Autumn (September – November)

Autumn paints Seattle with hues of gold and crimson as leaves change color amidst cooler temperatures ranging from the mid-50s down to the low 40s Fahrenheit (around 12-5°C). Crisp air fills your lungs as you wander through Discovery Park or sip your pumpkin-spiced latte while meandering down the streets of Capitol Hill.

Seattle Fact: The city is home to an impressive array of deciduous trees, making autumn a magical season.

Winter (December – February)

While winter in Seattle might be considered mild compared to other parts of the country, locals are known to don their cozy scarves and sip on hot drinks a little more frequently. Expect average temperatures ranging from the low 40s to mid-30s Fahrenheit (around 5-2°C). Though snowfall is rare at lower elevations, the nearby mountains offer excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities for winter enthusiasts.

“In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. ” – Albert Camus

Weatherproofing Your Wardrobe

Dressing appropriately for Seattle’s unpredictable weather can seem like a daunting task. Fear not! With these wardrobe essentials, you’ll be ready for anything Mother Nature throws your way:

Must-Have Items:

  1. Layered clothing: Seattle’s ever-changing weather calls for layering options suitable for both warmer and cooler temperatures.
  2. Water-resistant outerwear: A reliable rain jacket or coat will be your best friend throughout your time in Seattle.
  3. Comfortable walking shoes: Exploring the city requires comfortable footwear that can handle impromptu puddle-jumping sessions.
  4. Umbrella or rain hat: Keep dry during those legendary drizzles without sacrificing style!
  5. Sunscreen: Don’t let those cloudy days fool you; harmful UV rays can still reach your skin even when hidden behind clouds.

Ensure your wardrobe combines practicality with trendy Pacific Northwest fashion sense!

Unpredictability Steeped in Charm

Seattle’s capricious weather may puzzle some visitors initially, but it soon becomes part of its unique charm. As alternative rock musician Ben Gibbard once said:

“Success is not sustainable if it’s defined by how big you become.
Because there’s always gonna be someone bigger than you. “

– Ben Gibbard

The weather in Seattle is never dull, and neither is the city itself. From coffee shop hopping to exploring stunning natural landscapes, this vibrant metropolis has something for everyone. Embrace the unpredictable forecast as an invitation to adapt and discover the many sides of this extraordinary place!

So what’s the weather really like in Seattle? It’s a tapestry of mild temperatures, drizzly but not torrential rainfalls, cloud-dappled skies, and occasional bursts of sunshine that light up the cityscape. Seattle challenges conventional perceptions about rainy cities, proving that even amidst showers, life can shimmer beautifully.

Whether you’re planning a visit or considering moving to Seattle permanently, understanding its climate will help shape your expectations. So pack those layers and embrace all that this captivating city has to offer—it may just surprise you with its whimsical weather!


Q: What’s the current weather in Seattle?

A: To check the current weather in Seattle, you can visit reliable weather websites such as Weather. com or AccuWeather. com. They provide up-to-date information on temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and more.

Q: Will it rain tomorrow in Seattle?

A: Weather conditions are subject to change; therefore, to find out if it will rain tomorrow in Seattle, you should consult accurate weather sources like the National Weather Service (NWS) or local news stations. These platforms typically offer reliable forecasts for upcoming days.

Q: How cold does it get during winter in Seattle?

A: In winter, temperatures in Seattle vary but generally range from mid-30s°F (1-4°C) to low 50s°F (10-12°C). However, occasional dips into the 20s°F (-6 to -1°C) can occur. It is advisable to check a trustworthy weather website for real-time updates and precise details about current winter temperatures.

Q: Is there heavy snowfall in Seattle?

A: Though snowfall is not very common in Seattle, it does occasionally experience some snowy days throughout winter. On average, the city receives around 5 inches of snow annually. However, these numbers are subject to variation as each year’s weather patterns differ. Monitoring updated forecasts from credible sources during winter months is recommended for accurate information on potential snowfalls.

Q: When is the rainy season in Seattle?

A: While there isn’t a specific “rainy season” in terms of continuous downpours throughout several months, rainfall occurs more frequently during fall and winter. From November through February/March, you can expect cooler temperatures accompanied by increased chances of rain showers or drizzles. Nonetheless, rain does occur year-round but often lessens during spring and summer months.

Q: Are summers sunny and warm in Seattle?

A: Summers in Seattle are typically pleasant with warm and mild temperatures. However, the city is known for its cloudier days due to its location in the Pacific Northwest region. While it does receive less rainfall during summer months compared to winter, cloudy or partly cloudy skies are still common. Nevertheless, there are also many sunny days allowing residents and visitors to enjoy outdoor activities.

Q: Will I need an umbrella when visiting Seattle?

A: Packing an umbrella when visiting Seattle is always a good idea since rain can occur unpredictably throughout the year. It’s advisable to check the weather forecast before your trip or access local weather information upon arrival. This will help you prepare appropriately and determine if carrying an umbrella would be necessary during your visit.

Q: How accurate are weather forecasts for Seattle?

A: Weather forecasts strive to provide accurate predictions; however, they may not always be 100% precise due to unpredictable nature of weather patterns. Meteorologists utilize advanced technology and scientific models to forecast the weather as best as possible. Checking updated forecasts from reputable sources closer to your desired date will increase the likelihood of receiving more accurate information regarding weather conditions in Seattle.