What Is The Closest Beach To Orlando Florida?

If you find yourself in the sunny state of Florida, soaked in theme park magic and wondering where to escape from Mickey Mouse’s never-ending smile, fear not! The good news is that despite being located right smack dab in the center of mainland Florida, Orlando is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from some stunning coastal getaways. So grab your beach towel, slather on some sunscreen, and let’s dive right into exploring the closest beaches to Orlando!

Cocoa Beach – A Surfer’s Paradise

There’s a reason why surfers flock to Cocoa Beach like seagulls chasing a french fry. Nestled on Florida’s east coast and sitting only about 60 miles east of downtown Orlando, Cocoa Beach offers not only sandy shores but also waves that will make even seasoned surfers do the happy dance.

Here are some reasons why Cocoa Beach rocks:

  • 🏄‍♂️ Perfect Waves: With consistently favorable weather conditions aligning with ideal swells all year round, it’s no wonder that Cocoa Beach has earned its reputation as the East Coast surfing capital.
  • ☀️ Sun-Kissed Atmosphere: Embrace the laid-back vibes as you bask under the golden rays on Cocoa Beach. Whether you choose to relax on your towel or engage in beach volleyball, you’ll feel an undeniable sense of bliss.
  • 🛍️ Ron Jon Surf Shop: Make sure to venture into Ron Jon Surf Shop while visiting Cocoa Beach. This iconic shop satisfies every salty soul with its vast selection of surfboards, clothing items featuring ocean-inspired designs. It is truly a sea lover’s treasure trove.

So pack your sunscreen alongside gallons of enthusiasm for catching waves or simply enjoying sun-kissed moments at one of Florida’s most famous beaches – our beloved Cocoa Beach.

New Smyrna Beach – A Hidden Treasure

While many avid sun-seekers may be familiar with Cocoa Beach, just a few miles south lies the charming coastal town of New Smyrna Beach. Known for its laid-back vibes and not-so-secret world-class surfing conditions, New Smyrna Beach offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of Orlando while still remaining relatively close.

Here’s why you should put New Smyrna Beach on your beach-hopping list:

  • ⛵ Charming Downtown: After a long day of soaking up the sun, stroll through New Smyrna’s quaint downtown area. With a plethora of local shops, art galleries, and delectable dining options that would make any foodie salivate, this vibrant strip is perfect for unwinding and indulging.
  • 🏖️ Car-Free Zones: Imagine not having to worry about dodging vehicles while taking in the ocean breeze! At select stretches along New Smyrna Beach’s shoreline, cars are not allowed. This pedestrian-friendly paradise ensures a peaceful seaside experience.
  • 🌊 Top Surfing Spots: If you’re a seasoned surfer or ever dreamed of riding waves like a pro, don’t miss out on hitting some fantastic surf breaks at New Smyrna. Just make sure to bring your board (or rent one locally) because this beach is known as one of Florida’s best surfing spots.

So if you’re searching for that hidden gem where time slows down and tranquility takes over, set your GPS for New Smyrna Beach – it won’t disappoint!

Daytona Beach – Famous for Sand & Speedways

Catching waves might not be everyone’s cup of tea when heading to the beach. Some prefer cruising along scenic drives with salty breezes gently rustling through their hair. If this sounds like your idea. . . of fun, then look no further than Daytona Beach!

Known as the “World’s Most Famous Beach, ” Daytona has more to offer than meets the eye:

  • 🏁 Daytona International Speedway: For all you revheads or fans of speed, a trip to Daytona Beach would be incomplete without visiting the renowned Daytona International Speedway. Catch adrenaline-pumping events like NASCAR’s famous Daytona 500, where cars zoom past at mind-blowing speeds.
  • 🌞 Family-Friendly Fun: With soft sandy beaches stretching for miles, it’s no wonder that families flock to Daytona. Here, you’ll find everything from beachside playgrounds and mini-golf courses to water parks and go-kart tracks. No need to worry about those little ones getting bored!
  • ☀️ Pier Pleasures: Take a stroll along the iconic Daytona Beach Pier, where breathtaking views mingle with cotton candy-colored sunsets. The pier itself offers entertainment galore – from restaurants serving up fresh seafood delicacies to amusement park rides and games.

Whether you’re a racing enthusiast seeking pure adrenaline or someone who loves leisurely beachfront experiences, make sure to race on over to Daytona Beach!

Canaveral National Seashore – A Natural Oasis

Sometimes, we crave an escape not only from our daily routines but also from crowds of people dotting every inch of sand. If finding serenity in nature appeals more than jockeying for umbrella space on packed shores, then the Canaveral National Seashore will be your haven.

Immerse yourself in the natural splendor of this pristine landscape that sets it apart from other nearby beaches:

  • 🐢 Turtle-nesting Haven: The Canaveral National Seashore is renowned for its role as an essential nesting area for endangered sea turtles such as Loggerhead and Green turtles. Witnessing these incredible creatures laying their eggs or hatchlings making their way to the sea is an awe-inspiring experience.
  • 🌿 Diverse Ecosystems: From stunning shoreline views and swaying coastal dunes to saltwater marshes and lagoons, this national seashore boasts a diverse range of ecosystems. Take leisurely walks along nature trails or rent a kayak to explore meandering waterways for an unforgettable adventure.
  • ⭐ Stargazing Spectacle: Escape the glitz and glam of Orlando’s dazzling lights and indulge in some serious stargazing at Canaveral National Seashore. As one of very few places with minimal light pollution, you’ll have the opportunity to witness a mesmerizing celestial display.

If you’re seeking tranquility amidst nature’s grandeur, venture over to Canaveral National Seashore – where relaxation meets natural wonders!


So, whether you’re yearning for sun-kissed waves at Cocoa Beach, exploring charming streets in New Smyrna Beach, feeling that need for speed in Daytona Beach, or seeking solace in nature at Canaveral National Seashore – all these beaches offer memorable experiences within reach from Orlando.

Escape the hustle and bustle while creating new memories by choosing any of these destinations as your next beach getaway from Orlando. Whether it’s riding mythical waves or discovering serene landscapes rich with flora and fauna, there’s something here for every soul craving a seaside adventure.

FAQ: What Is The Closest Beach To Orlando, Florida?

Q: How far is Orlando from the nearest beach?
A: From downtown Orlando, the closest beach is approximately 60 miles away.

Q: Which beach is closest to Orlando?
A: Cocoa Beach is the nearest beach to Orlando, located about an hour’s drive away.

Q: How long does it take to travel from Orlando to Cocoa Beach by car?
A: It typically takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Cocoa Beach from downtown Orlando by car.

Q: Are there any public transportation options available from Orlando to Cocoa Beach?
A: Yes, you can take a Greyhound bus or hire private shuttle services for transportation between Orlando and Cocoa Beach. However, please check for schedule availability and fares before planning your trip.

Q: Is there parking available at Cocoa Beach?
A: Yes, there are multiple parking areas near the beach in Cocoa Beach where visitors can park their vehicles. Some may require payment of parking fees, so be prepared accordingly.

Q: What amenities are available at Cocoa Beach?
A:Cocoa Beach offers several amenities including public restrooms, outdoor showers, picnic areas with barbecue grills, and recreational facilities such as volleyball courts. Additionally, you will find various restaurants, shops, and surf rental stores along the nearby main street.

Q: Are there lifeguards present on Cocoa Beach?
A: Yes, T here are certified lifeguards stationed on certain parts of Cocoa Beache throughout the year. It’s always recommended to swim within designated areas under lifeguard supervision for safety purposes.

Q:Is it safe to swim in the ocean at Cocoa Beach?
A:A Although swimming conditions can change depending on weather conditions or water currents in any coastal area. , generally swimmingat Ccocoa Bbeach is considered safe when done within designated areas under lifeguard supervision. Always be aware of safety signs and flags on the beach.

Q: Are there hotels or resorts near Cocoa Beach?
A: Yes, Cocoa Beach offers a variety of accommodation options such as hotels, resorts, motels, and vacation rentals. These are located in close proximity to the beach, allowing visitors to enjoy the convenience of staying near the coast.

Q: Are pets allowed on Cocoa Beach?
A: Yes, pets are allowed at certain areas of Cocoa Beach but must be kept on a leash. It’s important to follow local regulations regarding pet-friendly zones and clean up after your pet to maintain cleanliness and respect for other beachgoers.

Please note that specific details regarding amenities, rules, or availability may vary over time. It is advisable to check with official sources or local authorities before planning your trip.