What Food Attracts Opossum?


Opossums, those curious marsupials known for their adorable faces and quirky behavior, have a reputation for being opportunistic eaters. But what exactly do these critters find delectable? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the wide range of culinary preferences that ignite the opossum’s appetite.

A Possum Pantry

The Omnivorous Opus of Opossums

When it comes to food, opossums are true omnivores. They have an impressively broad diet that ranges from fruits and vegetables to insects and small vertebrates. Let’s dive into some of the irresistible delicacies that attract these fluffy tail-waggers:

1. Fruity Delights

Opossums possess an innate fondness for fruits both pulpy and juicy. From sweet apples to tangy oranges, no fruit is safe from their voracious appetites! Make your backyard an irresistible haven by leaving out ripe peaches or even some overripe bananas – these fruity delights will surely make any opossum drool with delight!

“An opossum’s love for fruit knows no bounds; they plunge right into it like a ravenous gourmand!”

2. Protein Powerhouse

Despite their cute appearance, opossums are skilled hunters who revel in devouring protein-rich morsels such as insects, snails, and worms. Catering to this preference could be as simple as setting up a bird feeder filled with an assortment of mealworms or scattering slugs around your garden beds—just don’t forget your gardening gloves!

“Providing a protein-packed platter may turn you into an unlikely gourmet chef in the eyes of these hungry marsupials!”

All Hail Herbivory!

While eager supporters of the meaty arts, opossums also cherish their vegetarian options. Here are some plant-based dishes that can tempt even the most dedicated carnivore:

1. Veggie Haven

Vegetables and greens might not seem like an obvious choice for opossums, but don’t be fooled! These ravenous creatures will happily nibble on anything from lettuce and kale to cucumbers and squash. Consider leaving out a bounifull buffet of fresh produce to attract these herbivorous epicureans.

“With crunchy carrots and crisp cucumbers aplenty, your garden could become an oasis flocked by opossum connoisseurs!”

2. Nutty Goodness

Nuts—which rhyme with ‘gourmet cuts’ if you say it right—are another prime attraction for our opossum pals. Whether it’s tasty almonds or juicy walnuts (the Elvis Presley of nuts), scattering these treats around is sure to make any backyard a gathering ground for nut-munching possum aficionados!

Savory Surprises: A Culinary Adventure

The culinary escapades of the opossum don’t end there—they relish certain unexpected delights as well! It’s time for a gastronomic adventure into the world of peculiar tastes:

1. Garbage Gourmet!

Yes, you read that correctly—opossums have been known to indulge in dumpster diving! They fancy picking through trashcans in search of discarded delicacies like leftover pizza crust or stale bread—a true testament to their resourceful nature.

“One man’s trash is an opo-miniature-feast!”

The Perfect Possum Picnic Tips

Now that we’ve tantalized your taste buds with all things opossum food-related, let’s wrap up this feast guide with some handy tips on attracting these charming marsupials into your neck of the woods:

1. Create a Welcoming Habitat

Opossums are creatures of comfort, so ensuring your outdoor space is suitable for their needs will greatly increase your chances of attracting them. Make your yard ooze with opossum-friendly vibes by providing cozy places to hide, such as brush piles or hollow logs.

2. Watering Holes for Thirsty Souls

Just like us, these little critters enjoy a refreshing drink now and then. Installing a shallow water dish and keeping it filled will not only quench their thirst but also entice them to stick around for more delightful bites!

3. Easy Does It – No Pesticides, Please!

We know how tempting it may be to rid your garden of pesky bugs using pesticides, but let’s be mindful of our opossum friends! These beneficial beasts thrive on insects—it’s one of their favorite treats! So skip the pesticide aisle and remember that having nature’s pest control experts around can actually benefit your garden.

In this whirlwind exploration into the culinary preferences of opossums, we’ve journeyed through fruity paradises, feasted upon nutty treasures, and dabbled in dumpster delights—all in an effort to understand what lures these marsupials toward gastronomic glory.

So whether you’re setting out fresh fruit platters or taking the path less traveled with gourmet trash can offerings (as long as it is legal and safe), you can now consider yourself a true connoisseur: an explorer well-prepared to welcome these adorable opossum epicureans into your backyard Wonderland!
Q: What types of food attract opossums?

A: Opossums are attracted to a variety of foods, including fruits like apples, bananas, and berries. They also enjoy vegetables such as corn and sweet potatoes. Other enticing options include pet food, eggs, insects, carrion (dead animals), and even garbage.

Q: Are opossums drawn to bird feeders?

A: Yes, opossums are known to be opportunistic eaters and can occasionally raid bird feeders for seeds or nuts. If you want to deter them from the feeder, consider using baffles or placing the feeder higher above the ground.

Q: Will leaving out meat leftovers lure in opossums?

A: Yes, meat leftovers can indeed attract opossums. They are omnivorous creatures that scavenge for a variety of food sources, including meat scraps or carcasses. It’s advisable not to leave these kinds of food outside where they could be easily accessed by wildlife.

Q: Can I use cat food as bait to attract opossums?

A: While cat food is attractive to many animals, including opossums, purposefully baiting them may cause conflicts with pets or result in unwanted visits near your house. It is generally recommended not to intentionally lure wild animals onto your property.

Q: What should I do if an opossum keeps visiting my garden?

A: If you’re experiencing issues with an opossum repeatedly entering your garden or causing damage, it’s best first to remove any potential attractants like fallen fruit or accessible trash bins. Additionally, securing fences and eliminating access points can discourage their presence.

Q: Does peanut butter work well as an opossum bait?

A: While peanut butter has been reported effective in capturing certain pests like mice or rats through traps; when it comes to opossums, there may be better bait options available. Opossums are generally attracted to a wider range of foods mentioned earlier, so alternative baits can be more successful.

Q: Are there any specific scents that opossums find irresistible?

A: There are no widely known specific scents that exclusively attract opossums. However, they have a keen sense of smell and can be drawn by the scent of food or decaying matter.