What Country Borders Texas?

Texas, the Lone Star State, is known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and vibrant economy. But have you ever wondered what countries share a border with this iconic state? Here, we will delve into the fascinating world of geography and explore the countries that neighbor Texas.

The Southern Neighbor: Mexico

One cannot talk about Texas without mentioning its Southern neighbor, Mexico. As one of the largest countries in Latin America, Mexico shares a significant border with the United States. Texas offers over 1, 200 miles (1) of border between these two nations – an impressive length that would take you on a road trip from Houston to Chicago and back!

Fun Fact: Did you know that according to legend, Texas got its nickname “Lone Star State” from being an independent nation before joining the United States? Its flag featured a single star symbolizing independence.

Border Towns Along the Rio Grande

The Rio Grande River serves as a natural boundary between Texas and Mexico. Several lively towns along this riverfront provide unique cultural experiences influenced by both sides of the border. Some popular border towns include:

  1. Laredo: Known for its bustling trade industry and annual Washington’s Birthday Celebration.
  2. El Paso: Home to stunning mountain landscapes and vibrant Mexican-American culture.
  3. Brownsville: A hotspot for bird-watching enthusiasts due to its location near wildlife refuges.

In these towns, you can experience a blend of Texan and Mexican traditions while enjoying flavorful cuisine like street tacos or savory enchiladas.

“Border living isn’t always easy; it requires tolerance and understanding on both sides. ” – Julian Castro

Trade Relations between Texas and Mexico

Beyond their geographical proximity, Texas shares robust economic ties with our neighbor to the south. As the leading trading partner, exports/imports between Texas-Mexico encompass various industries such as energy resources (oil and gas), agriculture (fruits, vegetables), manufacturing, and automobile parts.

Texas benefits immensely from this trade relationship, with an estimated $200 billion worth of goods exchanged between the two regions annually. This economic synergy plays a crucial role in driving job creation, stimulating growth, and cementing cultural connections on both sides of the border.

The Other Neighbor: The United States

Yes, you read that right! Another country that borders Texas is none other than itself; well, to be more precise, it’s the United States as a whole. Texas not only stands as the largest state in terms of land area but also shares its northern border with several states.

Northern Border States

Let’s take a closer look at the four states that form this remarkable stretch along Texas’ northern frontier:

  1. Oklahoma: Known for its picturesque landscapes and thriving rodeo culture.
  2. New Mexico: Showcasing captivating desert scenery and rich Native American heritage.
  3. Arkansas: Offering enchanting outdoor activities such as hiking through Ozark National Forests.
  4. Louisiana: Famous for its vibrant music scene in cities like New Orleans intertwined with French influence.

Each state has its own unique charm, adding to the diverse tapestry that encompasses the Lone Star State while showcasing distinct regional identities within America.

“Texas can sometimes feel like a country unto itself. ” – Chris Bell

Interstate Travel & Cultural Exchange

The shared border between these neighboring states encourages interstate travel among Texans wishing to explore different landscapes or experience new cultures locally, without needing their passports!

Travelers can embark on road trips filled with adventures through iconic destinations such as Route 66 which passes through Oklahoma or venture into lively cities like Santa Fe in New Mexico known for its vibrant art scene.

Beyond geographical proximity lies cultural exchange – each state bringing something unique to the table whilst celebrating their individual customs and traditions amidst shared values as Americans.

The Inland Neighbor: No Shared Border!

While Texas shares borders with both Mexico and several U. S. states, it has no direct contact with any other countries asides from these, due to its inland location within North America. However, Texas’ impact reaches far beyond its boundaries; it boasts a strong influence in politics, culture, and economics on an international scale.

Texas serves as a global energy hub, attracting investments from around the world. With leading oil refineries and wind-powered energy farms dotted across the vast Texan landscape, the state solidifies its status as a key player in the global energy market.

In conclusion, Texas borders two significant neighbors – Mexico to its south and several U. S. states to its north. While Mexico offers a rich cultural exchange through border towns and thriving trade relations, the northern border provides exciting opportunities for interstate travel and showcases diverse regional identities within America.

Texas stands proud as an influential state on both national and international platforms despite not sharing land borders with any other countries beyond those mentioned above. So next time you wonder about what country borders Texas – remember that it’s not just one but many distinct cultures converging in this fascinating region of Southern United States!

Q: Which country shares a border with Texas?

A: Mexico is the country that shares a border with Texas.

Q: What nation lies to the south of Texas?

A: The southern neighbor of Texas is Mexico.

Q: Does Canada share a border with Texas?

A: No, Canada does not share a border with Texas. Only Mexico borders it.

Q: Are there any other countries adjacent to Texas?

A: Apart from Mexico, no other countries are adjacent to the state of Texas.