What Are The Most Common Jobs In Oklahoma?


Oklahoma, the land of oil fields and tornadoes, has a unique economy that encompasses a wide range of industries. From agriculture to aviation, this state offers a diverse array of job opportunities for its residents. Here, we will explore some of the most common jobs in Oklahoma and delve into the factors that make them popular choices among its workforce.

Whether you’re already living in Oklahoma or considering moving there, understanding the job market is essential for career planning. So, let’s jump right in and take a look at what makes Oklahoma tick!


The Pillars: Agriculture and Oil Extraction

  • Fact: Did you know that Oklahoma is one of the leading states in terms of agricultural output? (1)
  • Fact: As for oil extraction, ever since drilling began near Bartlesville back in 1897, black gold has played an integral role in Oklahoman culture. (2)

When it comes to defining Oklahoma’s economy, two sectors immediately come to mind: agriculture and oil extraction.


Oklahoma boasts fertile farmlands across its sprawling plains. The state relies heavily on agricultural activities such as farming and ranching as significant contributors to its economic well-being.

Here are just a few interesting facts about agriculture in Oklahoma:

  • Wheat production dominates crop farming.
  • Cattle ranching serves as an important source of meat production.
  • Poultry farms produce eggs and broilers.

With such an abundance of agricultural resources within easy reach, it’s no surprise that jobs related to farming and livestock thrive throughout the state.

Oil Extraction

While many people may associate Texas with massive oil drills stretching across flat landscapes, it’s actually our neighbor to the north – Oklahoma – that is known as “the Sooner State. ” This nickname refers to settlers who settled claims before the official opening of Native American territory to non-Native Americans in 1889.

Since its early days, Oklahoma has been deeply rooted (pun intended) in oil extraction. Home to large reserves and an extensive network of refineries, this industry plays a vital role in shaping the state’s economy and workforce.

Notable jobs within the oil extraction sector include:

  • Petroleum engineers
  • Roughnecks
  • Refinery production operators


The Skies Above: Aviation Industry

  • Fact: Did you know that Oklahoma is home to more than 500 aerospace-related companies? (3)
  • Fact: Tinker Air Force Base near Midwest City is one of three air logistics complexes worldwide. (4)

When it comes to taking flight, Oklahoma has managed to soar beyond expectations. Boasting a rich history and being strategically located at the intersection of major air highways, this state has become a hub for aviation-related activities.

Commercial Aviation

If you’ve ever traveled by plane and witnessed vast tarmacs filled with planes gleaming under the sun, chances are high that those airplanes were manufactured or repaired in Oklahoma. The commercial aviation industry provides jobs for thousands across multiple sectors such as manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), as well as research facilities.

Key players within this sector include:

  • Aircraft assemblers
  • Avionics technicians
  • Aerospace design engineers

Military Aviation

Given its crucial geographical position within the United States, Oklahoma also serves as an influential location for military aviation. With bases such as Tinker Air Force Base and Altus Air Force Base calling it home, opportunities abound for individuals seeking careers supporting national defense operations.

Jobs found within military aviation can range from aircraft mechanics to intelligence analysts – all contributing their skills towards maintaining security and readiness.


Medical Marvels: Healthcare Sector

  • Fact: Did you know that Oklahoma has a higher rate of chronic diseases compared to the national average? (5)
  • Fact: The state boasts several highly-regarded medical institutions, including the Oklahoma University Medical Center and Saint Francis Health System. (6)

Next on our list is an essential sector for any community – healthcare. In both urban centers and rural areas, hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes provide vital care to Oklahomans as they face various health challenges.

Hospital-Based Roles

Within this sector, hospitals serve as major employment hubs offering a wide range of career opportunities. From doctors and nurses to administrative staff and support personnel such as lab technicians or pharmacists, the demand for skilled professionals remains high.

Roles within hospital settings include:

  • Surgeons
  • Registered nurses
  • Radiologists
  • Anesthesiologists

Paramedical Services

Paramedics are often unsung heroes who play a crucial role in emergency healthcare. They respond rapidly to accidents or sudden illnesses, ensuring patients receive timely treatment even before reaching hospital doors.

Here are some key roles under paramedical services:

  • Emergency medical technicians (EMTs)
  • Paramedic supervisors
  • Flight paramedics


Tech Tornado: Information Technology Industry

  • Fact: Did you know that in 2019 alone, the tech industry contributed over $15 billion to Oklahoma’s economic output? (7)
  • Fact: Oklahoma City is listed among Forbes’ “Best Places for Business and Careers” due to its thriving technology scene. (8)

While Oklahoma may not be renowned as a tech powerhouse like Silicon Valley or Seattle just yet, it certainly holds its own when it comes to information technology (IT). As more industries embrace digital transformation and organizations require advanced technological solutions, IT professionals find themselves at center stage.

Whether it’s coding software applications or managing complex network infrastructures, here are some prominent jobs within Oklahoma’s tech sector:

  • Software developers
  • Network administrators
  • IT project managers


Beyond the Mainstream: Other Common Jobs

While the industries mentioned above are some of the cornerstones of Oklahoma’s job market, there are numerous other areas that offer significant employment opportunities. Here is a quick rundown of a few more sectors worth exploring:

Transportation and Logistics

Oklahoma’s central location within the United States makes it an ideal candidate for transportation and logistics businesses to flourish. Trucking companies, freight carriers, and delivery services rely on a robust workforce to keep goods moving across the state and beyond.

Education & Academia

Educational institutions require teachers, administrators, support staff, and various other professionals to provide quality education to Oklahoman students. From K-12 schools to colleges and universities, this sector plays a vital role in shaping future generations.

Retail Trade

With shopping centers scattered throughout every region of the state offering diverse retail experiences, jobs in sales, customer service, inventory management become crucial components of Oklahoma’s job landscape.


Conclusion: The Sooner State Offers Variety!

Oklahoma might be known for its twisters and cowboy culture but don’t let that fool you – this state has much more going on beneath its surface! From agriculture and oil extraction to aviation, healthcare, technology, transportation/logistics as well as education/academia—the plethora of career paths available make it an attractive place for professionals across many fields.

So whether you’re considering joining one of these thriving industries or hoping to explore something less conventional yet equally rewarding—Oklahoma has it all! Just remember that no matter which path you choose boldly, putting your skills into practice will ultimately help take Oklahoma’s economy forward while allowing you to flourish personally in The Sooner State!

FAQ: What Are The Most Common Jobs in Oklahoma?

Q: What are the most popular jobs in Oklahoma?
A: In Oklahoma, some of the most common jobs include software developers, registered nurses, truck drivers, elementary school teachers, and customer service representatives.

Q: What industries have high employment rates in Oklahoma?
A: Industries with high employment rates in Oklahoma are healthcare and social assistance, retail trade, manufacturing, accommodation and food services, and educational services.

Q: Are there many job opportunities for software developers in Oklahoma?
A: Yes! Software development is a growing field in Oklahoma. With numerous technology companies establishing their presence here, there is a significant demand for skilled software developers.

Q: How is the job market for registered nurses (RNs) like in Oklahoma?
A: The job market for registered nurses is quite favorable in Oklahoma. With an increasing aging population and expanding healthcare facilities across the state, there are ample opportunities for RNs to find employment.

Q: Are truck driving jobs prevalent in Oklahoma?
A: Absolutely! Truck driving jobs are abundant in Oklahoma due to its central location and extensive highway network. Transporting goods across the state and neighboring regions creates a constant demand for truck drivers.

Q: Is teaching a popular profession among Oklahomans?
A: Teaching is indeed a popular profession among Oklahomans. Many individuals choose careers as elementary school teachers as it provides stable employment prospects within the education sector.

Q: Which industries offer notable employment opportunities for customer service representatives (CSRs) in Oklahoma?
A: Businesses involved in telecommunications, finance/banking services, e-commerce platforms, hospitality sectors such as hotels or resorts often require customer service representatives to cater to their customers’ needs effectively. These industries provide promising job opportunities for CSRs in Oklahoma.