Is The Cecil Hotel Still Open?

What Happened to the Infamous Cecil Hotel?

The Cecil Hotel, located in downtown Los Angeles, has gained a notorious reputation over the years. With a history that dates back to 1927, this hotel has witnessed countless bizarre incidents and tragic events that have left people wondering about its dark past. But what about its present? Is the Cecil Hotel still open? Let’s delve into this mystery and explore the current status of one of LA’s most infamous landmarks.

A Brief History of the Cecil

Before we dive into whether or not the hotel is still operating, let’s take a moment to appreciate the long and storied history of this establishment. Built during Prohibition era, the hotel was intended to cater to businessmen and tourists visiting downtown LA. Unfortunately for its owners, it quickly gained a reputation as a hotspot for crime.

Throughout the years, various reports of deaths, suicides, murders, and even serial killers residing at the hotel have shrouded it in an air of darkness. Some notable guests who called The Cecil Hotel home were Richard Ramirez (also known as “Night Stalker”) and Jack Unterweger, an Austrian serial killer.

The Mysterious Closure: Rise Against The Odds

After decades of infamy surrounding The Cecil Hotel, many wondered if it would ever bounce back from its tainted past. However against all odds, in recent developments there has actually been an effort made by new owners to refurbish and reopen this historical landmark.

Introducing Stay on Main

Under new management since 2011, Stay on Main (formerly known as Villa Mortuary) took over ownership with ambitious plans to bring life back into The Cecil Hotel building while retaining some original features that fascinated so many individuals throughout time.

By offering affordable rates targeted towards young travelers seeking budget accommodations in LA’s vibrant downtown area, Stay on Main aimed to revitalize the hotel’s image and distancing itself from its notorious past.

The Cecil Hotel’s Transformation

Since its rebranding, Stay on Main has taken significant steps in transforming The Cecil Hotel into a more modern and inviting space. To not be haunted by the hotel’s dark history, they have introduced numerous changes.


Massive renovations were carried out to improve the overall condition of the building, including:

  • Refurbished rooms with vibrant and contemporary designs.
  • Updated common areas that promote social interactions among guests.
  • Enhanced security measures to ensure guest safety, bringing peace of mind to visitors concerned about staying at a place known for its tragic events.

Amenities and Facilities

Alongside these renovations comes an array of amenities crafted specially to cater to modern-day travelers’ needs:

Rooftop Bar and Lounge

One of the most notable additions is “The Hidden Lounge, ” located on the rooftop. This trendy bar offers breathtaking views of downtown Los Angeles while serving craft cocktails tailored to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. It’s a far cry from what one might expect in a hotel infamous for its dark past.

Fitness Center

For fitness enthusiasts who don’t want their workout routines interrupted even during their travels, Stay on Main established an onsite fitness center fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Guests can break a sweat at their convenience without stepping foot outside the premises.

Co-working Spaces

To accommodate digital nomads or business travelers who need space and privacy for work, Stay on Main incorporated shared co-working spaces within its facilities. These well-appointed workspaces allow professionals to focus on their tasks while still enjoying all the benefits of staying at a comfortable hotel.

Embracing Positive Reviews

With bright interiors, friendly service, affordable rates, alternative venues such as “The Hidden Lounge, ” it is clear that Stay on Main wants potential guests to shift their focus from the hotel’s dark past and embrace its fresh start.

Indeed, a significant percentage of recent online reviews have been positive, 1 with guests commending the improved atmosphere, contemporary décor, and the overall feeling of security within the premises. 2

“I was skeptical about staying at The Cecil Hotel due to its history. However, after experiencing Stay on Main’s renovations firsthand, I am pleasantly surprised by the transformation they’ve achieved. ” – Satisfied Guest

Conclusion: Embracing Change

So now we come back to our initial question:Is The Cecil Hotel still open? While “The Cecil Hotel” as it was known is no longer operational in name, Stay on Main took charge and revamped this infamous establishment into something entirely different.

Although it has faced an uphill battle trying to overcome a notorious legacy, Stay on Main has successfully transformed this historically dark place into a modern hotel that seeks to create new memories for its guests. So if you find yourself wandering through downtown LA in search of budget accommodation today, don’t be afraid to give Stay on Main a try!

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  • The Cecil Hotel’s Transformation
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  • Amenities and Facilities
    • Rooftop Bar and Lounge
    • Fitness Center
    • Co-working Spaces
  • Embracing Positive Reviews
  • Conclusion: Embracing Change

FAQ: Is The Cecil Hotel Still Open?

Q: What is the current status of The Cecil Hotel?
A: As of my last knowledge update, the last known information regarding the status of The Cecil Hotel is that it officially closed down in 2017.

Q: Why did The Cecil Hotel close down?
A: There were multiple factors leading to the closure of The Cecil Hotel, including its association with a number of notorious incidents and criminal activities, tarnishing its reputation.

Q: Are there any plans to reopen The Cecil Hotel in the future?
A: There haven’t been any official announcements or recent updates regarding plans to reopen The Cecil Hotel. It remains closed at present.

Q: Can I still make reservations or book a stay at The Cecil Hotel?
A: Unfortunately, no. Since it shut down permanently in 2017, you cannot make reservations or book a stay at The Cecil Hotel anymore.

Q: What notable events occurred at The Cecil Hotel before its closure?
A: Prior to closing down, several infamous incidents occurred at The Cecil Hotel. These include reports of murders, mysterious deaths, and other criminal activities on the premises.

Q: Wasn’t there a case involving Elisa Lam at The Cecil Hotel?
A: Yes, that’s correct. Elisa Lam was a guest at The Cecil who went missing under mysterious circumstances in January 2013. Her body was later found within one of the hotel’s water tanks.

Q: Is it safe to visit the vicinity of The Cecil Hotel now that it is closed?
A: While visiting the vicinity surrounding an abandoned building like The Cecil can carry inherent risks due to lack of maintenance and potential safety concerns, it would be best to prioritize your personal safety and adhere to local guidelines when exploring such areas.

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