Is Miami Vice On Netflix?

Miami Vice, the iconic 1980s TV series that brought us stylish suits, fast boats, and a killer soundtrack. It’s no wonder fans are still craving their dose of Crockett and Tubbs in sunny Miami. But the burning question remains: is Miami Vice available to stream on Netflix? Here, we’ll dive into the depths of the digital sea to find out if you can indulge in some retro cop action via everyone’s favorite streaming platform.

The Hunt Begins: Searching for Miami Vice

Let’s kick off our investigation by searching for Miami Vice on Netflix. With fingers poised over keyboards and coffee mugs at the ready, fans eagerly type in those magical words into their search bars. What results do they encounter in this virtual realm?

“Miami Vice not found. “

Uh-oh! Looks like our beloved detective duo isn’t gracing the virtual halls of Netflix just yet. But don’t worry; all hope is not lost. Take a deep breath as we dig deeper into the matter.

Streaming Platforms: A Bounty of Choices

While Netflix may not have Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas solving crimes right now, there are plenty of other options available to get your fix of pastel hues and catchy tunes. Here are some alternative platforms where you may find episodes of Miami Vice:

Amazon Prime Video

Imagine having access to an extensive library that includes everything from classic movies to modern TV shows with just one subscription fee – enter Amazon Prime Video! This popular streaming service offers a plethora of content that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning fan.

“Amazon Prime Video does include full episodes of Miami Vice!”

That’s right; if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you’re in luck! You can immerse yourself in nostalgia as Sonny Crockett rocks his signature stubble while chasing down criminals against a backdrop of palm trees.


Hulu, another major player in the streaming game, also offers a collection of TV shows and movies that could satiate your Miami Vice cravings.

“Hulu’s got you covered – Miami Vice is available for streaming!”

So, sit back and relax as you enjoy Michael Mann’s stylish creation from wherever time takes you – be it past or present!


For those who prefer free-of-charge options without compromising quality, Tubi is here to save the day! This ad-supported platform has become increasingly popular with cord-cutters as it provides an extensive library of movies and TV shows for absolutely zero cost.

“Yes folks, Miami Vice can be streamed on Tubi!”

You heard that right! The adventures of Crockett and Tubbs await you; all you need is the desire to dive into a world where speedboats rule the waves.

Niche Platforms: Hidden Gems Await

If none of the mainstream platforms satisfy your craving for 80s nostalgia just yet, fear not. There are still some lesser-known platforms worth exploring for your dose of Miami Vice goodness. Here’s what we found:

NBC. com

As the original broadcaster of Miami Vice back in its heyday, NBC holds onto this beloved gem tightly within their grasp. You may find a limited selection of episodes directly on their website.

“Some episodes available on NBC. com. “

Although it might not offer every episode ever produced in pristine HD quality, catching a few classic moments through this official channel pays homage to Miami Vice’s roots.


Looking further off the beaten path brings us to IMDb TV. Yes, IMDb extends beyond being just a movie database; they also provide users with free streaming access to various films and TV shows.

“Miami Vice makes an appearance on IMDb TV!”

Here’s where fans can appreciate the show’s evocative cinematography and captivating storylines, all without reaching for their wallets.

Retro TV

If you’re truly hungry for an authentic 80s experience, then Retro TV is the place to be. As the name suggests, this platform specializes in bringing back classic shows from yesteryear.

“You bet! Miami Vice can be found on Retro TV!”

So grab your shoulder pads and hairspray; it’s time to transport yourself back to a decade where fashion risks were rewarded with style.

Time Traveling Streaming: A Cinematic Guide

But wait, there’s more! If you’ve got a penchant for living life on the edge and don’t mind venturing beyond legal streaming options, there are other ways you can find episodes of Miami Vice online. We encourage responsible viewing habits though – we wouldn’t want our readers getting into any trouble!

DVD Purchases

In this digital age, physical media may seem like an ancient relic. However, sometimes buying DVDs can offer that warm fuzzy feeling of owning something tangible – not to mention having access anytime internet connections fail us!

“Collectible memories await – score your own Miami Vice DVD collection!”

This option ensures that even if streaming platforms decide to play hard-to-get with Crockett and Tubbs one day, you’ll have backup plans ready.

Digital Purchase or Rental

If accumulating shelves full of DVDs isn’t your thing but you still appreciate a clutter-free space – fear not! Various digital platforms such as iTunes or Google Play allow users to purchase or rent individual episodes of iconic shows like Miami Vice.

“Rent or buy digitally and build your virtual library of vice. “

While it may lack that nostalgic allure associated with physical copies,
the convenience of accessing episodes at any given moment certainly has its appeal.

Final Thoughts: In Pursuit of Authentic 80s Vibes

Though Netflix may not currently feature Miami Vice within its arsenal of content, fear not! Alternative streaming platforms provide a range of choices for indulging in the retro magic that Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas brought to our screens.

So, whether it’s Prime Video, Hulu, Tubi, or the hidden treasures found on NBC. com or IMDb TV – possibilities abound for reliving the glory days when Miami Vice ruled primetime television. And if all else fails, there’s always physical media and digital purchases to fill your collection with timeless classics.

Now don your pastel suits and get ready to hit play on those 80s jams. It’s time to embark on an adventure alongside Detective Sonny Crockett and his partner Ricardo Tubbs. After all. . . “One for all, one for vice!”

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  • Streaming Platforms: A Bounty of Choices
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  • Niche Platforms: Hidden Gems Await
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  • IMDb TV
  • Retro TV
  • Time Traveling Streaming: A Cinematic Guide
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  • Digital Purchase or Rental
  • Final Thoughts: In Pursuit of Authentic 80s Vibes

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Q: Is Miami Vice available on Netflix?

A: No, Miami Vice is not currently available on Netflix.

Q: Where can I watch Miami Vice online?

A: Currently, you can watch Miami Vice through streaming platforms like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

Q: Is Miami Vice included in my Netflix subscription?

A: No, Miami Vice is not part of the content library available with a Netflix subscription.

Q: Can I rent or buy episodes of Miami Vice on Netflix?

A: Unfortunately, renting or buying individual episodes of Miami Vice is not possible on Netflix at the moment.

Q: Which countries have access to stream Miami Vice on Netflix?

A: As mentioned earlier, you cannot find Miami Vice on Netflix regardless of your geographical location as it is unavailable for streaming there.

Q: When will Miami Vice be added to Netflix’s catalog?

A: There is no official information regarding any plans to add Miami Vice to the content collection on Netflix.