How To Get From Jfk To Manhattan Cheapest Way?

JFK (John F. Kennedy) International Airport is the gateway to New York City, and getting from there to Manhattan can be an adventure in itself. We all know that adventures come with a price tag, but fear not! In this guide, we will unravel the secrets of traveling from JFK to Manhattan without emptying your wallet. So fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a wild ride!

Best Bang For Your Buck: The Subway

If you are looking for the cheapest way to get from JFK airport to Manhattan, look no further than the subway. It may not sound glamorous, but trust us when we say it can save you a considerable amount of cash.

H2 – Taking the AirTrain

The journey begins as soon as you step off the airplane at JFK. Take a deep breath and follow the signs leading you to the AirTrain station. This nifty little shuttle will take you directly to Jamaica Station.

Once at Jamaica Station, hop onto one of New York City’s most iconic symbols – the subway! You have various options here:

  1. Opt for an A train towards Far Rockaway or Rockaway Park.
  2. Select E or J trains heading towards Manhattan.
  3. Board Z trains which will get you closer to certain areas in Brooklyn.

Choose your desired train based on where exactly in the concrete jungle you want to go.

H2 – Paying Fare like a Pro

Paying for your subway fare is super easy if you know what’s up! Before entering any subway station, make sure to purchase yourself a MetroCard – this magical card grants access beyond ordinary mortals’ reach.

There are two types of MetroCards worth mentioning:

  1. Pay-Per-Ride cards: These allow refillable monetary funds that are charged per swipe plus bonus money ($5 or more).
  2. Unlimited Ride cards: These allow unlimited rides within a certain timeframe (7 or 30 days).

Good news! Our personal CFO’s advice is to go for the Pay-Per-Ride card as it offers better value for occasional travelers, while the Unlimited Ride card is more suitable for daily commuters. Penny-pinching has its perks!

H2 – Subway Takes You Home, Sweet Home

Once you’ve made your payment like a true New Yorker and passed through those not-so-revolving subway doors, find your platform and embrace the hustle and bustle of NYC’s underground world.

Sit tight! Depending on where in Manhattan you’re aiming for, this subway ride may seem longer than watching “The Lord of The Rings” trilogy – director’s cut version. But hey, what else would you be doing with all that time instead? Binge-watching cat videos?

Express Lanes: Shuttle Services

If public transportation isn’t your cup of tea, fret not – there are other options that won’t break the bank either.

H2 – Onny Go Shuttles

One popular alternative to consider is booking an Onny Go shuttle service online. They provide shared van transfers between JFK airport and various locations in Manhattan at affordable rates compared to taxis or private cars.

To reserve your spot on one of these comfy shuttles, simply visit their website or download their user-friendly mobile app. It’s like playing Tetris – but instead of blocks falling from above, it’s about getting you dropped off at your destination safely.

Another great benefit includes door-to-door service right from JFK to any hotel or address located within Manhattan’s dazzling boundaries. Now that’s something even Harry Potter doesn’t have at Hogwarts!

H2 – Smart Private Transfers

For those seeking convenience wrapped in elegance, private transfer services such as Smart Privates offer a touch of luxury while remaining cost-efficient.

Imagine stepping out of JFK airport and entering a whole new world – an array of sleek sedans, limousines, or even SUVs waiting only for you. These private drivers are like genies; they’ll make your wish come true and ensure that you reach Manhattan in style.

Simply book your ride in advance online or via phone call. Whether it’s just you or a group of adventurers, their crafts can accommodate up to 7 passengers with ample space for luggage too.

Let’s face it (pun intended) – arriving at your destination like an A-lister will make heads turn faster than a Linda Blair-possessed child!

Hitchhiking Without Thumbs

Now, let’s talk about some unconventional ways to get from JFK to Manhattan – because sometimes being different is the name of the game!

H2 – Hop On And Hold Tight

Believe it or not, but some New Yorkers have embraced hitchhiking as yet another form of budget transportation within the city limits.

H3 – Taxi Pools: Share & Save

If riding solo isn’t an obsession for you, taxi pools offer shared rides where multiple passengers heading towards similar destinations split the fare among themselves. It’s like teleporting without even knowing what sorcery is at work!

Shared rides allow you to experience NYC camaraderie firsthand. You might end up making friends with interesting fellow travelers who share tales crazier than those found in “The Twilight Zone. “

H3 – Rideshare Apps: Innovation Unleashed

You’ve probably heard about rideshare apps already – those modern-day magic carpets that connect drivers and riders through geolocation technology. Let these virtual Aladdins carry you away on their digital chariots!

Companies such as Uber and Lyft operate throughout New York City, providing affordable transportation alternatives both day and night. Use their apps to summon a ride instantly. It’s like having your very own personal chauffeur, without the hefty paycheck.

H3 – Biking Boldly

For the adventure-seeking souls who dare to be different in a Terminator 2 “No Fate” fashion, biking from JFK to Manhattan is an option worth exploring.

Renting a bicycle from mobile apps like Citi Bike or nearby bike rental shops allows you to cycle through scenic paths such as the Melvina Lathan Bikeway and Jamaica Bay Greenway – making every pedal stroke truly memorable.

So put on your cyclist hat and channel your inner Lance Armstrong. . . well, preferably without any performance-enhancing drugs!

Cheapest Way. . . With A Twist!

Still not satisfied with all the options mentioned above? Brace yourself for something remarkable yet outlandish: exploring secret portals known only by elite travelers seeking adrenaline and thrifty escapes!

H2 – Time Travel Through Teleportation Portals

Welcome to Project JKF-MNHTN! Hold onto your seats, this isn’t just another science fiction movie concept – it’s the future of transportation!

Hidden within JFK airport are specially designed teleportation portals, accessible only by those brave enough to venture into uncharted territories. These interdimensional gateways will transport you directly into the heart of Manhattan in seconds! Say goodbye to long commutes and endless hours spent battling traffic snarls.

To unlock these hidden gems, all you need is an encrypted keycard obtained through clandestine means (wink wink). Once inside these mysterious chambers, ignore any advice about resizing molecules or playing around with quantum physics – simply focus on stepping through these magical doorways and open up doors leading straight into 5th Avenue’s shopping paradise or Central Park’s green oasis.

Keep in mind that these extravagant options might come with certain side effects, including temporary color blindness, sudden musical outbursts inspired by Broadway, and a craving for hot dogs from street vendors that cannot be quenched. So proceed with caution into this uncharted territory!

Wrapping It Up

Congratulations! You have just embarked on an extraordinary journey to discover the cheapest ways to travel from JFK airport to Manhattan. From subway adventures to private transfers and even teleportation portals, we’ve explored every possible option to suit your budget and sense of adventure.

So next time you find yourself at JFK airport, don’t fret about expensive rides or long commutes – follow our guide and embrace the most affordable routes available. After all, exploring New York City shouldn’t burn a hole in your wallet. . . unless you stumble upon those hidden treasures within secret dimensions we mentioned earlier!

Now go forth and conquer Manhattan without breaking the bank. Happy travels!


1. What is the cheapest way to get from JFK to Manhattan?

The cheapest way to travel from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to Manhattan is by using public transportation. The AirTrain JFK combined with a subway ride is an affordable option for getting into Manhattan.

2. How do I take public transportation from JFK to Manhattan?

To take public transportation from JFK to Manhattan, follow these steps:
– Upon arrival at the airport, locate and board the AirTrain JFK.
– Ride the AirTrain JFK to Jamaica Station.
– Transfer at Jamaica Station and take the E subway line towards World Trade Center or the A subway line towards Howard Beach.
– Exit the subway at your desired destination in Manhattan.

3. Is there a direct bus service from JFK to Manhattan?

Yes, there are direct bus services available from JFK Airport to various locations in Manhattan. These buses provide a convenient and economical option for travelers who prefer not to use public transportation.

4. Are taxis a cheap way of traveling from JFK to Manhattan?

Taxis can be more expensive compared to other options when traveling from JFK to Manhattan due to tolls, surcharges, and potential congestion charges during peak hours. However, they may be more comfortable and convenient if you have heavy luggage or prefer a direct door-to-door service.

5. Are rideshare services like Uber or Lyft economical for traveling between JFK and Manhattan?

Rideshare services like Uber or Lyft offer convenience but may not always be the most economical option depending on surge pricing and travel distance/duration. It’s recommended to check their fare estimates beforehand and compare them with alternative modes of transport available.

6. Can I use trains instead of subways for cheaper travel between JFK and Manhattan?

Using trains instead of subways is not typically suggested as it can be more time-consuming due to transfers required at certain stations along the route. Subways remain the most efficient and economical way to travel between JFK and Manhattan.