How To Find Account Number Bank Of Hawaii?


When it comes to managing your finances, one of the most important pieces of information you need is your bank account number. The account number is a unique identifier assigned to your specific bank account, allowing you to carry out various transactions such as making deposits, withdrawing funds, or setting up automatic payments. If you are a customer of Bank of Hawaii and find yourself wondering how to locate your bank account number, look no further! Here, we will guide you through several methods to help you find your Bank of Hawaii account number quickly and easily.

Method 1: Check Your Bank Statement

If you have received paper or electronic statements from Bank of Hawaii in the past, these typically contain your account number. Here’s how to find it:

  1. Locate the most recent bank statement sent by Bank of Hawaii.
  2. Look for a section titled “Account Information” or “Account Details. “
  3. Within this section, you should be able to see your account number listed.

Pro Tip: Keep track of different sections on the statement since formatting may vary.

Method 2: Access Online Banking

The digital age has made managing our finances more convenient than ever before. If you enrolled in online banking with Bank of Hawaii, here’s how you can find your account number:

  1. Visit the official website of Bank of Hawaii (www. boh. com) using a reliable internet connection.
  2. Log in using your username and password.
  3. Once logged in successfully, navigate to the “Accounts” or “Account Summary” section.
  4. Select the specific account for which you want to locate the account number.
  5. Your account details, including the account number, should be displayed on-screen.

Hot Tip: Saving a screenshot may come in handy if ever needed later!

Method 3: Contact Customer Service

If all else fails, or if you prefer a more personalized approach, reaching out to Bank of Hawaii’s customer service is always an option. They are equipped with the knowledge and tools to assist you in locating your account number promptly.

  • Call their customer support helpline at 1-888-643-3888.
  • Provide them with the necessary information for identification verification.
  • Request them to provide you with your Bank of Hawaii account number.

Remember: Always remain patient and polite when speaking with customer service representatives!


Q: Can I find my account number on my checks?

A: Yes! If you have a physical checkbook from Bank of Hawaii, your account number typically appears at the bottom. Look for a long series of digits—usually around 10–12 numbers—and that’s likely your account number.

Q: Is my bank routing number the same as my account number?

A: No, they are different! The bank routing number is used to identify the financial institution where your account is held, while the account number identifies YOUR specific individual bank account.

Q: Can I change my Bank of Hawaii account number?

A: Unfortunately, changing an existing bank account number can be an intricate process and not easily done. It would be best to consult directly with Bank of Hawaii’s customer service regarding any concerns or queries about changing your existing account details.

Exploring The Importance Of Account Numbers

Account numbers play a vital role in various banking activities and offer several benefits:

  1. Smooth Transactions: With accurate use of your Bank of Hawaii account details, transactions become seamless—whether it’s receiving funds from others or making payments towards loans or credit cards.
  2. Identification Verification: Financial institutions require your account information as part of their security measures during certain financial operations. Your unique account details help confirm authorization.
  3. Tracking Finances: Maintaining a record of your Bank of Hawaii account number allows you to track income and expenses more efficiently. This, in turn, contributes to better financial planning.

Now that we have explored multiple ways to access your Bank of Hawaii account number let’s summarize what we’ve learned so far:


  1. Check your bank statement for the account number.
  2. Log in to online banking using your credentials and navigate to the “Accounts” section.
  3. Contact customer service if all else fails.

Remember, keeping this information secure is critical as it helps protect against fraud or unauthorized access. Now go forth with confidence, armed with the knowledge on how to find your Bank of Hawaii account number!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find my account number in Bank of Hawaii?

A: To locate your account number in Bank of Hawaii, you can check the following places:
– Look for the account number on your bank statements.
– Check the bottom of your checks; the account number is often listed there.
– Visit a Bank of Hawaii branch and ask a representative to assist you in finding your account number.

Q: Can I find my Bank of Hawaii account number online?

A: Yes, you can find your Bank of Hawaii account number online. Login to your online banking account and navigate to the “Accounts” section. Your account numbers will typically be displayed there. If you’re having trouble locating it, it’s best to contact customer support for assistance.

Q: Are there any specific documents required to obtain my Bank of Hawaii account number?

A: No specific documents are usually required to obtain your Bank of Hawaii account number. However, it’s advisable to have some form of identification available when interacting with bank representatives or accessing sensitive information regarding your accounts.

Q: What should I do if I cannot find my Bank of Hawaii account number?

A: If you are unable to locate your Bank of Hawaii account number through traditional means, such as checking statements or contacting customer support, visit a local branch and speak with a bank representative directly. They will guide you through the process and provide alternative methods to retrieve your account details securely.

Q: Is it possible to find my other banking details along with my Bank of Hawaii acountumber?

A: Yes, besides obtaining your Bank Of Hawaii Account Number, several other banking details may be available depending on how comprehensive their online system is. These details might include transaction history, balance inquiries, beneficiary information etc. , which can usually be accessed within their secure online banking platform once logged into an existing user’s personal profile.

Please note that this FAQ has been generated by an AI language model to mimic human-like search intent questions and answers. For further assistance, we recommend contacting Bank of Hawaii’s official customer support channels.