How Much Are Sodas On Royal Caribbean?

Ahoy, fellow travelers! If you’re planning your next adventure on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, it’s only natural to want to know how much those refreshing sodas will cost you. After all, as the sea breeze fills your sails and the sun warms your skin, nothing beats sipping on an ice-cold beverage. Here, we’ll dive deep into the world of fizzy drinks onboard Royal Caribbean ships and explore everything from pricing to packages. So fasten your seatbelts (or rather, life jackets) and let’s set sail on this carbonated voyage!

What are my options?

Before we embark upon our soda-sampling journey, let’s take a look at the different options available for quenching our thirst onboard:

1. À la carte

First off, if you prefer to pay for each individual soda consumed separately, rest assured that this option is always available onboard Royal Caribbean ships. However, be mindful that purchasing sodas à la carte can sometimes result in higher costs compared to other alternatives.

2. Beverage Packages

If sipping sodas throughout the duration of your cruise is part of your ultimate vacation agenda, Royal Caribbean offers beverage packages that include unlimited soda consumption during your trip††. These packages cater not only to soda enthusiasts but also include other complementary beverages such as water, tea, coffee, and perhaps even some adult libations for those seeking extra indulgence.

The Bubbly Price Tag

Now that we’ve discovered our options when it comes to acquiring sodas on a Royal Caribbean cruiseshhip, let’s delve into what these bubbly delights might cost us:

À la Carte Prices

For those who choose to purchase their sodas individually, prices generally range between $3-$5 per serving”. This means every gratifying gulp will come at a small additional cost, which can add up if you have a persistent case of soda cravings.

Beverage Packages

Now let’s take a deep dive into beverage packages that offer unlimited soda consumption during your cruise. Please note that these prices are approximate figures based on current information and could be subject to change:

Deluxe Beverage Package

  • Adults: $63 per person, per day††‡.
  • Children (12 years and under): $29 per day††‡.

Refreshment Package

  • Adults: $30 per person, per day††§.
  • Children (12 years and under): $16 per day††§.

Is it worth it?

At this point in our voyage, you must be wondering whether opting for a beverage package is worthwhile. Let’s dive into the pros and cons:


  1. Unlimited Soda Consumption: With a beverage package in hand, you won’t have to worry about limiting your intake of refreshing sodas as you bask in the sun by the poolside or enjoy exquisite meals onboard. Bottoms up!

  2. Variety is Key: These packages aren’t limited to just sodas! They often include other tempting options such as bottled water, juice, teas, coffees, and even mocktails for those who prefer fruity concoctions without the extra buzz.

  3. Cost Efficiency: If you’re someone who enjoys numerous sips throughout the day or simply wants to indulge without worrying about your tab piling up higher than Mount Everest, then opting for a beverage package might just make sense.


  1. Non-Soda Drinkers Beware: While beverage packages may seem like heaven-sent options for soda lovers, they might not hold quite the same appeal for those who don’t fancy carbonated drinks at all. In this case, paying à la carte might be a more sensible choice.

  2. Limited Time Ashore: If your itinerary includes frequent stops at ports of call, you may find yourself spending a substantial amount of time exploring on land, rather than onboard the ship. Thus, making it less feasible for you to extract maximum value from a beverage package.

A Word on Tipping

Ahoy, matey! Before we dock our ship and bid adieu, let’s not forget about the crew who diligently keeps our glasses filled with effervescent elixirs. It’s customary to tip those helpful souls who go above and beyond to cater to our every whim. When purchasing beverages à la carte, keep in mind that an automatic 18% gratuity is usually added to your final bill. However, when indulging in the convenience of a beverage package, additional tipping is entirely up to your discretion.

Thus ends our expedition into the depths of soda pricing on Royal Caribbean cruiseships’. We hope this information equips you with enough knowledge to make the best decision for your bubbly desires while sailing across stunning oceans and unforgettable horizons††!

Bon voyage and bottoms up!

FAQ: How Much Are Sodas on Royal Caribbean?

Q: How much do sodas cost on Royal Caribbean cruises?
A: The price of sodas on Royal Caribbean cruises varies. You can expect to pay around $2 to $4 for a soda onboard.

Q: Are the prices of sodas included in the cruise fare?
A: No, the cost of sodas is not typically included in the cruise fare. They are considered additional expenses.

Q: Is there a beverage package available for unlimited soda consumption?
A: Yes, Royal Caribbean offers beverage packages that include unlimited soda consumption during your cruise. These packages have different pricing options, so be sure to check their website or contact customer service for more information.

Q: How much does a beverage package with unlimited sodas cost?
A: The price of a beverage package that includes unlimited soda usually starts at around $12 per day per person. However, it’s important to note that prices may vary depending on the duration and type of package you choose.

Q: Can I bring my own sodas onboard?
A: Royal Caribbean has specific policies regarding bringing beverages onboard. Generally, guests are not allowed to bring non-alcoholic beverages, including sodas, except for some exceptions such as baby food or medical supplies. It is recommended to refer directly to their website or contact customer service for up-to-date details on beverage allowance.

Q: Are refills free once I purchase a soda from one of the ship’s bars or restaurants?
A: Refills are generally not free after purchasing a regular-priced soda. However, if you have purchased a beverage package that includes unlimited soda, you will be entitled to free refills throughout your cruise at designated self-serve stations or from bar staff.

Q: Do specialty restaurants charge extra for sodas?
A; Yes, most specialty restaurants on Royal Caribbean cruises charge an additional fee for sodas. However, beverages such as water, iced tea, lemonade, and coffee are typically included with your meal.

Please note that prices and policies may vary depending on the ship, itinerary, and specific promotions at the time of your cruise. It is advised to check with Royal Caribbean directly or refer to their website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.