How Far Is Missouri From Texas?


Missouri and Texas, two prominent states in the United States, are separated by a significant distance. This article aims to explore the geographical separation between these two states, the various modes of transportation available for travel, as well as interesting facts and trivia along the way. So fasten your seatbelts (figuratively speaking) as we embark on this exciting journey!

The Big Stretch

A Distance Worth Noting

When it comes to distances between states in the vast expanse of America, we often think in terms of hours rather than miles. However, let us not underestimate the physical separation between Missouri and Texas. Spanning a considerable 652 miles, this is no mere hop across state lines.

Getting Perspective:

To put this distance into perspective for you fellow travel enthusiasts out there:

  1. You could fly from Paris to London with room to spare.
  2. You would surpass what seems like countless vineyards when driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
  3. Your favorite song would likely end before you finish traveling that route.

“The road goes ever on and on” – Stephen Dobs

Modes of Transportation:

Onwards and Upwards: Flying High

Air travel might be one of the quickest ways around four hours can have you hovering over the Texan plains from Missouri’s lively cities!

Hitting The Open Road: Drive It!

For those who enjoy scenic road trips with a touch more adventure, grab your keys because driving through these beautiful landscapes will certainly satisfy your wanderlust!
– Starting off at Kansas City, Missourians are lucky enough to experience both urban buzz and picturesque countryside. With close proximity to Kansas City International Airport, flying isn’t necessarily required but optional.
– As you make your way into Oklahoma via I-35 South
, you’ll discover vast plains that seem to stretch on forever. This makes for the perfect opportunity to do some soul-searching while stuck in traffic.
– Once you’re in Oklahoma City and have fueled your belly with some delicious BBQ, set your GPS coordinates for Dallas via I-35 South (we’ll talk more about Dallas further along). The landscape may change gradually, but boy, will it be a memorable drive.

Taking it up a Notch: Texas Bullet Train

“Everything is bigger in Texas!” – Unknown

While not operational yet, ‘the high-speed train project between Houston and Dallas promises to revolutionize travel.

With speeds that could reach an astonishing 205 mph, this futuristic transportation mode offers speedier connections than ever before. Although the project is still under development and has faced some challenges, once complete, we can expect teleportation-like experiences between Missouri and Texas!

Must-Visit Destinations Along the Way:

Dazzling Destinations

As we traverse these two states encompassed by endless beauty, there are several noteworthy cities and attractions worth mentioning:

A Texan Gem: Dallas

The Land of Cowboys & Oil Barons

Dallas needs no introduction, y’all! Known throughout the world as a hub for business commerce and renowned cultural landmarks, including the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (chronicling JFK’s assassination), this city truly encapsulates what Texans often refer to as “big sky country”.

The Show Me State: Kansas City

Jazzin’ It Up & Finger-Lickin’ Good BBQ!

Kansas City should be on any traveler’s bucket list when passing through Missouri! Known globally for its jazz culture and finger-licking barbecue(can confirm!), this vibrant city strikes a great balance between metropolitan entertainment(with all due respect to St. Louis), rich history, and delicious cuisine (bring on the burnt ends!).

Oklahoma City: Where History Unfolds

Cowtown & Haunted Hotels

As you make your way southwards, don’t miss a pit stop in Oklahoma City! Historically known as “Cowtown” due to its rich Western heritage, there’s no shortage of cowboy tales and rodeos here. Take a stroll through the historic Stockyards City District or for those brave-hearted, check into one of the reputedly haunted hotels nearby.

Fun Facts:

Did you know Missouri and Texas have more in common than just their distance apart? Here are some interesting facts about these states:

  1. Cave State vs. Lone Star State: Missouri is often called the “Cave State” due to its abundance of caves, whereas Texas earns itself the nickname “Lone Star State” after being an independent nation before joining the United States.
  2. Take me to court: Both Missouri and Texas share border disputes with neighboring states (Oklahoma and Louisiana, respectively) that have made their way to the U. S. Supreme Court.
  3. Everything’s Bigger…Except for Counties: While Texas boasts larger counties when compared to other states, both Texas and Missouri tie with 254 counties each!
  4. Stars Aligning: Both states share notable connections with country music icons – Tammy Wynette hailed from Mississippi, while Ernest Tubb was born in Ellis County, Texas.

Fun Fact: Did you know Stephen Colbert hails from South Carolina? Now you do!

After this profound journey embracing scenic landscapes, cultural marvels, and fascinating trivia along our path between Missouri and Texas, it’s clear that these two states are not only vast but also diverse hubs filled with captivating stories waiting to be explored.

So whether you decide on a fast-paced flight above endless skies or embark on an epic road trip laden with adventure, rest assured that your journey will be one to remember. Until then, happy travels and keep your wanderlust alive wherever the road may take you!

FAQ: How Far Is Missouri From Texas?

Q: Can you tell me the distance between Missouri and Texas?
A: The distance between Missouri and Texas varies depending on the specific cities or towns you are considering. For example, if you’re traveling from Kansas City, Missouri to Houston, Texas, the approximate driving distance is around 875 miles.

Q: What’s the shortest route to travel from St. Louis, Missouri to Austin, Texas?
A: The shortest route to travel from St. Louis, Missouri to Austin, Texas is via Interstate 44 West and Interstate 35 South. This route covers approximately 900 miles by car.

Q: How long does it take to fly from Kansas City International Airport (MCI) in Missouri to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) in Texas?
A: The average direct flight duration from Kansas City International Airport (MCI) in Missouri to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) in Texas is around 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Q: What are some major cities in both Missouri and Texas that I should consider when planning a trip?
A: In Missouri, popular cities include St. Louis (known for its iconic Gateway Arch), Kansas City (renowned for jazz music and barbeque), Springfield (home of Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World), and Columbia (hosting the University of Missouri). In Texas, notable cities are Houston (fourth-largest city in the U. S. ), San Antonio (famous for the Alamo), Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, Austin (state capital known for live music scene), El Paso (bordering Mexico), and Corpus Christi on Gulf Coast.