Can I Freeze Leftover Cooked Ham?


Leftover cooked ham is a delightful problem to have. After enjoying a delicious dinner or holiday feast, you may find yourself with extra slices of this succulent meat. But what do you do with it? Can you freeze leftover cooked ham and save it for later? Well, my friend, you’re in luck! Here, we will delve into the world of freezing ham and explore whether it’s a feasible option.

The Art of Freezing

When Should You Freeze Your Ham?

Freezing is an excellent method for preserving food, but not all foods fare well in the freezer. When it comes to leftover cooked ham though, freezing can be a lifesaver. Whether you’re trying to prevent waste or planning ahead for future meals, freezing your ham ensures that no morsel goes uneaten.

Storing in the Freezer – The Dos and Don’ts

Now that we’ve established that freezing is indeed an option, let’s talk about how to go about it properly. Nobody wants their once-delicious porcine prosciutto turning into unusable dry slabs of salty sadness. Follow these dos and don’ts to maintain the quality of your leftover cooked ham:


  1. Wrap It Up: Make sure your ham is wrapped tightly before putting it in the freezer. This will help minimize exposure to air −a major culprit behind nasty freezer burn.
  2. Divide and Conquer: If you have a large amount of leftover ham, consider portioning it out before freezing. Smaller portions are easier to defrost when hunger strikes.
  3. Label with Love: Remember to label each package with the date and any convenient descriptions such as “spiral-sliced” or “glazed. ” This way, even amidst frozen chaos, you can easily identify what you’ve got.


  1. Freeze It Twice: Avoid freezing your ham multiple times, as this can degrade the flavor and texture.
  2. Skip the Quality Control: Before freezing, ensure that your leftover cooked ham is still fresh and has not passed its prime. No amount of freezer magic can revive something that was already on its last trotter.
  3. Leave it Naked in Sub-Zero Land: Never freeze leftover cooked ham without proper packaging or wrapping −that’s just asking for disastrous results!

The Defrost Dilemma

Ah, now comes the time to enjoy your frozen treasure trove of leftover cooked ham. But how do you defrost it without losing all its glorious flavors? Fear not! We have some tried-and-true methods to help you navigate the defrosting process:

Refrigerator Thawing:

This method may require a bit of patience, but trust me when I say that good things come to those who wait. Simply transfer your packaged porcine perfection from the freezer to the refrigerator and let it thaw slowly over a period of 24 to 48 hours.

Cold Water Soak:

For those moments when time slips through our fingers like a slippery slice of glazed ham, there’s always an alternative: cold water thawing. Seal your packaged leftovers in a leak-proof plastic bag and submerge them in cold water (not warm!) for approximately one hour per pound.

Pro tip: Change the water every thirty minutes to ensure consistent temperate surrounds our soon-to-be revived meaty goodness.

Microwave Magic:

If time is truly running short, fear not! Your trusty microwave can also come to the rescue. However, microwaving should only be used for immediate cooking after thawing – never as an alternative method for long-term storage.

Now that we have explored various defrosting techniques – each with their own pros and cons – the choice is yours, brave ham-lover.

Safety First: How Long Can I Keep It?

Ham Storage: Refrigerator Freezer
Whole Ham (cooked) 3-5 days 1-2 months
Sliced Ham (cooked) 3-5 days 1-2 months

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks. As with any food storage endeavor, safety should be your primary concern. After all, you don’t want to transform a mouthwatering meal into an unexpected trip to the porcelain throne, do you? Here are some general guidelines for leftover cooked ham storage:


In the glorious realm of refrigeration, leftover cooked ham can be safely stored for three to five days. Remember to keep it tightly wrapped or in an airtight container during this time.


If you’re looking for long-term storage options (raise your hand if you’ve ever had a sudden craving for holiday ham in July), freezing is your best bet. Leftover cooked ham can be stored safely frozen for up to two months without significant loss of quality.

Fun fact: Did you know that properly frozen ham can potentially last indefinitely in terms of food safety? However, after those two magical months have whisked by, the texture and flavor may not retain their prime goodness.

Give Those Frozen Slices Some Love

So now that we’ve answered the question ‘Can I freeze leftover cooked ham?’ and explored proper techniques – what’s next? Well my friend, there are countless delicious possibilities waiting at your fingertips! Here are some ideas on how to put those delectable slices back into action:

The Classic Sandwich:

Embrace nostalgia as you layer thinly sliced thawed ham onto fresh bread, adorned with your favorite condiments and crisp lettuce. A delightful lunchtime companion that can’t be beaten.

Ham and Egg Frittata:

Mornings just got a whole lot brighter! Combine thawed diced ham with eggs, cheese, and sautéed vegetables for a hearty breakfast frittata that will make you bounce out of bed.

Supreme Soups:

Give your soups an extra burst of flavor by tossing in some diced frozen ham. Whether it’s pea soup, corn chowder, or minestrone – that touch of savory smokiness will elevate any bowl to greatness.

Quiche Perfection:

Step up your brunch game by adding chunks of leftover cooked ham to a cheesy quiche filling −and prepare yourself for compliments galore from friends and family.

Facts & Tips:

  • Leftover cooked ham is perfect for omelets, casseroles, salads, or even as pizza toppings.
  • Before freezing the leftovers pack them according to portion size ensuring easier meal planning later on.
  • If you’re defrosting only a portion of the frozen ham package rather than the entire thing; do so quickly using either the microwave or cold water thawing method.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, dear reader, the answer to whether you can freeze leftover cooked ham is unequivocally ‘yes’! With proper storage techniques and defrosting methods at your disposal, no morsel need ever go uneaten. So next time you find yourself with an abundance of succulent slices – fear not! Freeze them like ice-cold treasures waiting to be revived into culinary masterpieces. Embrace this porky power move and enjoy a world filled with flavorful delights!

Now go forth – freeze thy ham!


FAQ: Can I Freeze Leftover Cooked Ham?

Q: Can I freeze leftover cooked ham?
A: Yes, you can freeze leftover cooked ham. Freezing ham can help preserve its freshness for a longer period.

Q: How should I store leftover cooked ham in the freezer?
A: To store leftover cooked ham in the freezer, ensure it is tightly wrapped or sealed in an airtight container to prevent freezer burn and maintain quality.

Q: What’s the best way to thaw frozen cooked ham?
A: The best method to thaw frozen cooked ham is by transferring it from the freezer to the refrigerator and allowing it to thaw slowly overnight. Alternatively, you can use your microwave’s defrost setting if you’re in a hurry.

Q: How long can I keep frozen leftover cooked ham?
A: Frozen leftover cooked ham can be stored for up to 2-3 months without significant loss of quality. However, for optimal taste and texture, it is recommended to consume it within 1-2 months.

Q: Is refreezing previously-frozen leftover cooked ham safe?
A: It is generally safe to refreeze previously-frozen leftover cooked ham if it was thawed properly under refrigeration and has not been left at room temperature for more than two hours. However, each time you freeze and defrost meat, its quality may deteriorate slightly.

Q: Can I freeze sliced or diced portions of leftover cooked ham separately?
A: Absolutely! You can freeze sliced or diced portions of leftover cooked ham separately by placing them into individual zipper-lock bags or separating them with wax paper before freezing. This allows you to easily grab only what you need without defrosting the entire batch.

Q: Can frozen leftovers be used in other recipes after being thawed?
A: Certainly! Thawed frozen leftovers like cooked ham can be used in various recipes, such as sandwiches, soups, casseroles, salads, and omelets. Just ensure it is heated properly to eliminate any potential bacteria.

Q: How can I tell if frozen leftover cooked ham has gone bad?
A: If frozen leftover cooked ham develops an off smell, strange texture, or appears discolored with visible signs of freezer burn or ice crystals, it’s likely spoiled and should be discarded for safety reasons.

Remember that freezing leftovers can be a convenient way to reduce waste and enjoy your cooked ham at a later time.