Area Code 904 Cities?

Did you ever wonder what cities fall under the area code 904? Well, buckle up because we’re about to dive into the world of this unique telephone area code and explore the vibrant cities that it encompasses. From Jacksonville’s bustling streets to St. Augustine’s rich history, there’s something for everyone in the 904!

The Allure of Area Code 904

Unbeknownst to many, area code 904 covers a diverse range of cities in northern Florida. It stretches across seven counties, each with its own distinct character and charm. So let’s put on our explorer hats and embark on an adventure through some remarkable 904 cities!

Jacksonville: Where Bold Meets Beautiful

As the largest city not only in Florida but also in terms of land area throughout the contiguous United States, Jacksonville is a force to be reckoned with (no offense intended to our mammoth friends). With over 900 square miles at its disposal, it offers a plethora of experiences for both locals and visitors alike.

Intriguing Neighborhoods You Can Find

In Jacksonville’s vast expanse are unique neighborhoods just waiting to be discovered:

  1. Riverside/Avondale – Known for its historic architecture and picturesque parks.
  2. San Marco – A charming neighborhood boasting trendy boutiques and quaint eateries.
  3. Five Points – A hipster haven with funky shops and vibrant nightlife.

Imagine walking down these bustling streets as you immerse yourself in Jacksonville’s energetic ambiance.

Rolling Along to Rollin’ Along

Nestled just outside Jacksonville lies Atlantic Beach, a laid-back coastal community that encapsulates all things sun, sand, and surf! Atlantic Beach offers pristine beaches perfect for soaking up some rays or catching waves like a pro at Hanna Park Surfing School.

Staying Strong in Saint Johns County

It’s impossible not to mention St. Johns County when talking about cities that fall under area code 904, as it contains some gems worth uncovering. Here are a couple of remarkable locations in this county:

Ponte Vedra Beach: Where Golf and Luxury Converge

Are you a golf enthusiast? If so, you’ll feel right at home in Ponte Vedra Beach, home to the prestigious TPC Sawgrass – host of The Players Championship, one of professional golf’s most esteemed events.

St. Augustine: A Journey Through Time

A visit to St. Augustine is like stepping into a time machine! This charming city claims the title of America’s oldest continuously occupied European settlement – quite the accolade, if we do say so ourselves!

Must-Visit Attractions:
  1. Castillo de San Marcos: A magnificent fortress that has stood for over three centuries.
  2. St. George Street: Quaint shops and eateries offering a taste of old-world charm.
  3. Flagler College: Previously Henry Flagler’s opulent hotel, now an architectural marvel.

So grab your camera and capture memorable moments as you traverse the cobblestone streets lined with history-rich buildings.

Small but Mighty Duval County

Although it might be on the smaller side compared to its neighboring counties, Duval County still packs quite a punch! Aside from Jacksonville itself (duh!), here are two noteworthy areas within Duval County:

Jacksonville Beach: Sunsets and Sea Breezes

With its pristine sandy shores and breathtaking sunsets, Jacksonville Beach offers an idyllic escape from the daily grind. Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll along the pier or indulge in delicious seafood cuisine, this beachside town has got it all!

Neptune Beach: Where Community Thrives

Perhaps one of Duval County’s best-kept secrets is Neptune Beach. This tight-knit community boasts friendly neighbors, a vibrant local scene, and an abundance of natural beauty. It’s the perfect place to unwind and soak in the simple pleasures of life.

Wrapping Up the 904 Adventure

Phew! We’ve covered just a few of the many remarkable cities that fall under area code 904. From the metropolitan allure of Jacksonville to St. Augustine’s time-honored treasures, there truly is something for everyone in these unique destinations.

So whether you’re planning a visit or just satisfying your wanderlust from afar, don’t forget to keep 904 in mind – it’s more than just an area code; it’s an invitation to explore some extraordinary places!

Recap: Notable Area Code 904 Cities

For your convenience, here’s a recap of some notable cities within area code 904:

Duval County:

  • Jacksonville
  • Jacksonville Beach
  • Neptune Beach

St. Johns County:

  • Ponte Vedra Beach
  • St. Augustine

Atlantic Beach

FAQ: Area Code 904 Cities

Q: What cities are covered by the area code 904?\
A: The area code 904 covers several cities in Northeast Florida, including Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orange Park, Palm Coast, Fernandina Beach, and more.

Q: Are there any other major cities included in the area code 904?\
A: Though primarily associated with Jacksonville, the largest city within its coverage, area code 904 also includes other notable cities such as St. Augustine and Orange Park.

Q: Which city is most commonly associated with area code 904?\
A: The city most commonly associated with area code 904 is Jacksonville. It is the largest and most populous city within this numbering plan.

Q: Are there any famous tourist destinations covered by area code 904?\
A: Yes! Area code 904 encompasses some renowned tourist destinations like St. Augustine, known for its historic charm; Fernandina Beach for its beautiful Amelia Island; and Ponte Vedra Beach for its luxurious resorts and golf courses.

Q: Can you provide a complete list of all cities served by area code 904?\
A: While it’s not possible to list every single city covered by area code 904 here due to their abundance, some notable ones include Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orange Park, Palm Coast, Fernandina Beach Green Cove Springs,
Atlantic Beach,
Neptune Beach,
Lake City (partial), Yulee (partial),
Callahan (partial),
and many others!

Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Remember that these questions are generated using AI language models without actual search intent data.